What does it actually mean?

  • It means that you can scroll content which doesn't fit in a window to the left or right. It does the same as using the horizontal scroll bar.
  • It does not mean back/forward navigation, for example in your web browser. This is done by a fast horizontal swipe gesture and has it's own controls in the Magic Utilities application.

The Magic Utilities support horizontal mouse scrolling, but by default it is turned off.

  • Deselect  No horizontal scrolling in the user interface to turn it on.

There are many well-known applications which support horizontal mouse scrolling like:

Some apps don't support horizontal scrolling

Some applications seem not to support horizontal scrolling at all, some only via native touch input (like Precision Touchpads or Touchscreens). They are ignoring the fact that horizontal mouse scrolling is well defined and known since Windows Vista. This is a bug in the actual software and out of our control.

August 2021: After years Microsoft finally fixed the Excel bug! Horizontal mouse scrolling works! You can still use a middle click (3 finger tap) to pan through your spreadsheet.

We are currently investigating the native Windows 10 input interfaces which will support scrolling in more applications.