The Magic Utilities offer convenient trackpad actions from the Trackpad main menu or right click menus.

Remove device

Removes your paired Bluetooth trackpad from Windows. This is useful for a trackpad which is not in use any more. It does the same as selecting:

  • Windows 10 Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Remove device.
  • Windows 11 Settings > Bluetooth & devices > ··· > Remove device.

Full factory reset

An internal device reset is applied so your trackpad is configured as it is brand new. Any stored Bluetooth pairing information is deleted and the Bluetooth name is set to default.

In addition this also removes your device from Windows Bluetooth devices, see above.

This action is only available on Bluetooth connections.

Rename device

The Magic Utilities handles two different device names.

  1. The Magic Utilities internal name which is shown in the user interface.
  2. The Bluetooth name which is stored in the actual trackpad and shown in Windows 10 Settings > Devices.

If you rename your trackpad the new name is:

  • Always stored as an internal name.
  • If an active Bluetooth device connection is in place, the new name is also stored in the trackpad. In addition the trackpad is restarted so Windows 10 > Settings becomes aware of that name change.

Suggestion to update the device name

In case there is a mismatch between the internal name and the Bluetooth name, you will be asked if you like to apply the internal name as the Bluetooth name.