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Restart device driver

Restarting a device is here to reinitialize the driver if things don't work as expected.

It affects only the selected Magic Trackpad and does not reinstall the actual driver.

For example, the Magic Trackpad may require a device restart to initialize smooth scrolling properly.

Reinstall device driver

A driver reinstall first uninstalls the current driver and then installs and assigns the driver again. This usually fixes all sorts of issues which can occurs with Bluetooth connections, in some cases USB connections can be fixed as well.

A reinstall can be performed automatically. From the Driver menu select:

  • Reinstall driver on computer wake up.
    Installs only the driver for the Magic Trackpad when the computer wakes up from sleep or hibernation.
  • Reinstall drivers when Windows boots.
    Installs all (installed) device drivers for keyboard, mouse and trackpad when the computer starts.
    Note: This option has been removed from version and higher.