Our battery saver helps you to save battery power so you need to recharge your trackpad less often.

  • Battery saving mode is only available with a Bluetooth connection.
    In case you have an active USB connection all user interface options are grayed out.

If your trackpad becomes suspended it's in a kind of sleep mode, the trackpad is turned off and the Bluetooth connection is inactive.

Wake up your trackpad

Once suspended you might need to click to wake up your trackpad.

Some computers do already wake up the trackpad when the computer wakes up.

Wake up your computer

To wake up your computer you might need to click once more after a brief pause.

Computer wake up on Bluetooth connections works only on computers which support Modern Standby. Usually this are modern laptops.

Battery saver settings

All settings can be found in the main menu: Settings > Battery saver > ...
There you can configure, if and which events will cause an automatic suspension.

Suspend trackpad

That's the main toggle switch:

   If selected your device will be automatically suspended on the selected events listed below.

   If deselected you can still suspend your trackpad manually.

On: Display off

Suspends the trackpad when ever your display goes off (controlled by Windows).

On: Battery power

Suspends the trackpad when ever the main power (AC power) gets unplugged and your laptop runs on battery. This option is for users who often go to meetings and keep the trackpad at their desk.

This option is only available on mobile laptop computers.

On: Sign out

Suspends the trackpad when the user signs out (logs off) from a Windows session.

On: Sleep or Hibernate

Suspends the trackpad when the computer goes into sleep or hibernation mode.

On computers with "Modern Standby" there might be no real sleep event, then the Display off event is automatically to suspend the trackpad even this event is turned off.

On: Shut down or Restart

Suspends the trackpad when the computer shuts down or restarts.

Suspend trackpad now

You can also manually perform: Suspend trackpad now:

  • From the main menu: Trackpad
  • In the right-click menu of the trackpad image.
  • In the right-click menu of the system-tray icon.