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To buy a license, install the Free Trial version. In the application press the Buy now button. In case this is not possible click here.

Here are instructions for upgrading from any previous license.


Magic Utilities are licensed per device, a device is any Magic Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad.

Price* / year Discount Description
{{ price40 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 50% 36% upgrade^ + 14% multi-year
{{ price25 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 36% Upgrade^, from any previous version
{{ price35 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 30% 16% multi-buy + 14% multi-year
{{ price20 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 16% Multi-buy², for each additional license
{{ price15 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 14% Multi-year, on a 2 years license
{{ price00 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 0% Base price, one device for 1 year

Prices and discounts might change without notice.
* Prices are per device per year. GST/VAT included where applicable.
^ Upgrade discounts apply only to version 1 or version 2 and are valid for the first payment only.
² Multi-buy discounts can't be used in conjunction with upgrade discounts
   and apply only to licenses which are bought together at the same time.

Full license details are here.

Frequently asked license and payment questions.