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Magic Utilities are licensed per device. A device is any Magic Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad.

Price* / year Discount Description
{{ price00 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 0% Base price, one device for 1 year
{{ price15 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 14% Multi-year, on a 2 years license
{{ price20 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 16% Multi-buy², for each additional license
{{ price35 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 30% 16% multi-buy + 14% multi-year
Price* / year Discount Upgrade^ from legacy version 1 or 2
{{ price25 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 36% Upgrade^, from legacy version 1 or 2
{{ price40 | toCurrency(symbol)}} 50% 36% upgrade^ + 14% multi-year

Prices and discounts might change without notice.
* Prices are per device per year. GST/VAT included where applicable.
² Multi-buy discounts can't be used in conjunction with upgrade discounts
   and apply only to licenses which are bought together at the same time.

^ Upgrade discounts apply only to version 1 or version 2 and are valid for the first payment only.

Full license details are here.

Upgrade instructions are here..

Frequently asked license and payment questions.