In some cases, it may be necessary to disable a license. it means this license becomes invalid for good.

Disabling a license is irreversible. Do not disable a license unless we ask you to do so.

If we ask you to disable your license follow these instructions:

  • Open a new email in your email client, please do it now, not later.
  • Open the Magic Utilities application.
  • There in the drop-down main-menu select License > Disable license.
  • Carefully read the warning dialog and confirm with Yes.
  • In the next dialog enter DISABLE and confirm your input with Ok.
    Disable license
  • Next comes a dialog with your confirmation code. This code is already copied into your clipboard.
    In your email window, press Ctrl+V to insert the confirmation code in the email. As you can not repeat this step, please paste your confirmation code in the email now.
    Disable license confirmation code
  • Please send us the email with the confirmation code.