This is maintenance release which adds more error logging in the debug version.

All applications

  • [APP-410] + Added check to detect app hanging in full load loop. The app will show an error dialog and terminate.
  • [APP-375] * Added more error logging for debug version to detect Windows 11 app crashes.


  • [APP-402] * Fixed settings issue with automatic NumLock on app start.

This is another Windows 11 maintenance release for Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.

Mouse + Trackpad

  • [APP-404] * Fixed swipe up/down to Cycle Task View | Normal | Desktop View on Windows 11.

This is a minor maintenance release for the Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad.

Trackpad + Keyboard

  • [APP-403] + Made 4 finger tap configurable for various Windows 10+11 actions.
  • [APP-402] + Added option Settings > NumLock on app start to turn on NumLock automatically on application start. Fixed NumLock off warning for the new 2021 keyboards.

This is a general maintenance release.

All applications

  • [APP-398] * Fixed rare deIoCtl_InputBufferSizeMismatch error on computer wakeup or restart.
  • [APP-376] * Live touches: Clear touches on device suspend.

This is a maintenance release for Windows 11.

All applications + service

  • [APP-399] * Magic Utilities Service did not automatically start on Windows 11 after setup and computer restart.
  • [APP-397] * Fixed application restart didn't work on Windows 11 when performing Settings > Default settings.


  • [APP-401] + Added additional detection of incompatible software on Apple Mac computers.