This is a significant update, we've been working on for a long time. Thank you for your patience.

The goal was to resolve the Smooth scrolling initialisation issues which randomly occurred for Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad users after the computer wakes up from sleep. Scrolling was too fast or too slow, and a Bluetooth radio toggle or a computer restart were required.

The actual root cause is Windows itself (we think). On Bluetooth connections, Windows sends the actual initialisation sequence not always to our drivers. If you have only one Magic Bluetooth device paired it usually works, but if you have an additional Bluetooth headphone paired which is powered off and you wake up your computer, there is a good chance that it doesn't work.

In this version we fixed bugs to workaround this issue, so the scrolling should never be too fast or to slow, but still might not be smooth. To solve the actual root cause we added:

  • Individual driver restart option by the click of a button (or restart the driver automatically when required). This does not affect any other Bluetooth devices.
  • Option to disable Smooth scrolling completely on Bluetooth connections for those users who don't care about Smooth scrolling.
  • As a welcome side effect Bluetooth re-connections on wake up, restart or dropouts are now fully automatic, there is no need to click the mouse or trackpad to reconnect to Bluetooth anymore (unless you power cycle the device or noted otherwise).

Mouse and trackpad drivers

  • [DRV-71] * Fixed scroll speed to high or too low after wakeup from sleep.
  • [DRV-90] + Added multi-directional scrolling similar to macOS. Scrolling can be restricted to horizontal or vertical directions only.
  • [DRV-61, 94, 98] * All new Bluetooth initialisation. There is no need to click your device to (re)connect to Bluetooth, except if you power cycle the device directly.
  • [DRV-59, 98, APP-122] + Added new Bluetooth driver settings. In case Smooth scrolling (re) initialisation on wake up still doesn't work, Smooth scrolling can be disabled completely.

Trackpad driver

  • [DRV-95] * Fixed unwanted mouse pointer movement when lifting the finger. This is a regression issue which exists since version

All applications

  • [APP-120, SETUP-8] + In case a driver update failed, display instructions on how to fix this.
  • [APP-125,126] + Added individual device driver restart by the click of a button (or automatically). This is sometimes required when the "Smooth scrolling" driver initialisation is not performed by Windows. No more Bluetooth radio toggle or computer restarts required.
  • [APP-121] + Added hint to trial expiry reminder that a license delivery may take up to 10 hours. Also fixed trial expiry date by one day.
  • [APP-124] * Better device tab status icons (only visible if more than one device is connected).
  • [APP-127] * Much fast user interface resize and redraw.
  • [APP-128] + Added confirmation when swapping left/right mouse buttons as users sometimes click this by accident.
  • [APP-129] + Added "Restart application" to the Exit main menu.

All drivers

  • + Activated "Control Flow Guard" compiler switch which makes Windows kernel code more secure and is highly recommended by Microsoft.

This is a major update with new features and important fixes.

All applications

  • [APP-116] + Added option to save screenshots as PNG file.
  • [APP-117] * Better "Send feedback" dialog with more options to forward diagnostic system information.
  • [APP-115] * Due to a new settings storage all current device settings below version will be reset to defaults. Apologize for any inconvenience. With the new settings storage in place, this should not happen again.

Keyboard application and driver

  • [APP-119] + Added web links to international keyboard layouts.
  • [DRV-84] * Fixed keyboard not recognized on Bluetooth re-connection if connection was lost for Apple Wireless Keyboard (2007-2009).

Mouse and Trackpad application

  • [APP-114] + Added Swap swipe direction for left/right desktop navigation.

Trackpad driver

  • [DRV-86] + Added accidental touch filters when performing 2 finger (click and hold) dragging and 3 finger dragging.
  • [DRV-85] * Fixed 2 finger right click performing a left + right click on asynchronous finger touching, regression of DRV-52.

This is a major update with new features and important fixes.

Note: This update has caused erratic scrolling with some users when updating from a previous version.
Please perform Settings > Default settings to fix this. We apologize for any inconvenience!


  • [APP-111] + Better user interface layout on HiDpi screens.
  • [APP-112] * Fixed Settings not always pushed to the driver.
  • [DRV-80] * Restructured internal settings.

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

  • [DRV-82] * Fixed fn=ins / eject=fn mode not working (broken in

Mouse and Trackpad

  • [DRV-46], [DRV-61] * Fixed smooth scrolling issues.
  • [APP-104] + Added new toggle mode for up / down swipes which always works.
    The previous cycle mode doesn't work if the desktop has the input focus.


  • [DRV-22] + Added Silent clicking and adjustable click pressure, similar to macOS.

This is a minor update with a few bug-fixes we missed in version and


  • [APP-108] * Fixed update check on startup not working when app started minimized.
  • [APP-109] + Added device info and license info to log file.

This is a normal update with a few bug-fixes we missed in version


  • [APP-107] * Stop internal application timers on sleep or power off.
  • [DRV-76] * Internal driver adjustment for all USB connections.

Mouse + Trackpad: Drivers

  • [DRV-46], [DRV-61] * Another adjustment for Smooth scrolling initialization. Works out of the box.
    Update: Due to a mistake, the fix is not in this release, but it will be soon in version,
    until then there might still be (smooth) scrolling issues in some cases! 

Mouse: Driver and application

  • [DRV-77] * Fixed battery info if left-handed mode is active and power cycled mouse and/or Bluetooth adapter.