This is a normal maintenance release which fixes a settings not loaded issues after computer wake up and adds better application restart handling.

All applications

  • [APP-307] * Fixed settings not loaded after wake up from sleep or hibernation in some cases. This is a regression issue introduced after version
  • [APP-310] + Added Restart all applications to the Exit menu and the system-tray icon right-click menu. It appears only if another Magic Utilities application is running.
  • [APP-311] + Added Restart application on wake up to the Exit menu.

In addition there have been some icon tweaks and in the Driver menu a new Help item.

This is a normal maintenance release which should fix a re-initialization issue in some cases after wake up.

All applications

  • [APP-300] * Fixed error in updater when downloaded setup installer already exist.
  • [APP-305] + Added Close driver controller on sleep option to the Driver menu. This should fix re-initialization issues in some cases after wake up from sleep and make "Restart device driver" and "Reinstall device driver" redundant.

Quick summary: Important changes since version

  • Enhanced Rename device for Bluetooth connections.
  • Added Ignore input if mouse is lifted option to the Magic Mouse.
  • Added Full factory reset option for Bluetooth devices.
  • Added Update channels.
  • Added Move pointer slider to "Mouse Options" for the Magic Trackpad.
  • Added up to 3 configurable click areas to the bottom of the Magic Trackpad.
  • Added "Restart / Reinstall device driver" actions to the system tray right-click menu.
  • Added customizable F16..F19 keys to the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad.
  • Added Remove device option.
  • Added Space silver color option to Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard.
  • Added option to Ignore clicks to the Magic Trackpad.

This is maintenance release which adds some new features and works around Windows 10 - 2004 Bluetooth issues.

All applications

  • [APP-298] + Added Update channels: Stable, Beta and Development. You can switch the update channel in menu with Help > Updates.
  • [APP-297] + Fixed issues with some modal dialogs in case there was an expired license.
  • [APP-295] * Fixed Windows 10 - 2004 Bluetooth adapter power saving bug. On some Apple MacBooks (and possible other computers) any Bluetooth device just freezes after a short break. In Driver > Bluetooth driver settings there is a new option Keep Bluetooth connection alive which works around this Windows bug.
  • [APP-292] * Fixed display of "Device fully charged" notification even it was turned off.
  • [APP-289] + Added Full factory reset option for Bluetooth devices. This configures your device as it is new: Removes any Bluetooth pairing information and resets the device Bluetooth name.
  • [DRV-014] + Enhanced Rename device for Bluetooth connections. The new name is now stored permanently inside the device and is visible in all Windows device settings.


  • [DRV-122] + Added detection if mouse is at a surface or lifted. If lifted there is a new option to ignore all mouse input. This way you can locate your Magic Mouse somewhere else without accidental clicks, scrolling or swipes.


  • [APP-293] + Added check if Windows primary and secondary mouse buttons are swapped.

This is normal maintenance release.

All applications

  • [APP-290] * Fixed issue when detecting if a Bluetooth adapter is capable of user controllable power management.


  • [SETUP-21] * Let users of a Galaxy Book S install the Magic Utilities in case they have an x68 processor.
  • [SETUP-26] + Test if incompatible software "HP Display Control" is installed and disable by user confirmation.
  • [SETUP-27] * Install the Magic Utilities application shortcuts directly to the Windows start menu.