This is software in BETA state. Do not use in critical production environments.

This is a major maintenance and new features release for the all Magic Utilities apps.
It's based on former version BETA but with additional fixes and features.

Download licensed and trial versionWindows supportDownload alternativeVersionRelease date
MagicUtilities-Setup- 10+11Download mirror3.1.2.826 Feb 2022

All applications

  • [APP-432] * Disabled License > Disable license menu item if there is nothing to disable.
  • [APP-438] * Fixed device I/O thread not freed on application exit. Added new setting to Driver > Driver handler settings.
  • [APP-437] * Fixed Driver > Driver handler settings > Wait for I/O thread to end menu item not updated.
  • [APP-435] - Removed Battery saver suggestion on application start up.
  • [APP-428] * Fixed driver protocol mismatch errors not shown in apps.
  • [APP-419] * Do not show an aeDecryptOutBufferFailed warning to the user anymore. This error was sometimes presented after computer wake up from sleep.
  • [DRV-217] + Improved security on installed Magic Utilities drivers.
  • [WEB-044] + Added AliPay payment method for Chinese customers.


  • [APP-433] + Added new macOS modifier preset (and renamed "Apple" preset to "Magic Keyboard").
  • [APP-429] * Added help on how to configure the 106/109 key hardware layout in Japanese Microsoft IME so special characters with shift work properly, more help here.

Mouse + Trackpad

  • [DRV-220] * Fixed wrong (too sensitive) back/forward swipes (1 finger for mouse, 2 fingers for trackpad).
  • [DRV-219] * Fixed scroll bouncing when resting the fingers while in scroll mode.
  • [APP-427] * Fixed multi-touch not working in some cases after computer wake up.
  • [APP-430] + Added warning if Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II is installed on a laptop. The laptops internal touchpad might not work properly if both software are installed.
  • [APP-425] * Improved incompatible Gigabyte AORUS Engine software detection and instructions.


  • [APP-439] * Fixed Touch settings config dialog crashed on hidpi screens.
  • [DRV-210] + Added new option No scrolling on mouse movement. If enabled this disables scrolling while the mouse is moved to avoid accidental scrolling.
  • [DRV-136] + Added new selector Fingers: Scroll with 1 / 2 / 1 or 2 fingers, default is "Scroll with 1 or 2 fingers".


  • [DRV-218] * Fixed multi-touch not working on USB connections with USB hub which is stressed or has errors, more details here.
  • [APP-426] + Added Open start menu to 4 finger tap options.