This is a normal update.

Some driver improvements and (annoying) cosmetic application fixes.


  • [APP-70] * "Trial manipulated" popup when trial version was expired after 28 days.
  • [APP-68] * External licenses in Buy now wizard got sometimes ignored.
  • [APP-67] * Fixed trial reminder popup when license is installed.
  • [SETUP-4] * Added error code display if driver could not be installed.

Mouse driver

  • [APP-42] + Better and more reliable left / right click detection in preparation for true left-handed mode.

Keyboard driver

  • [DRV-55] + Made = key on Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad work.

This is a major update.

With this release the Magic Utilities 3 are public.


  • [APP] * Changed all update, buy and web help links to point to the main web site.
  • [APP-61] * Fixed license import if a license was already registered.

This is a minor update.


  • [APP] * Fixed even more typos in the user interface.
  • [APP] * Improved help URLs to web site (web help is still not complete).
  • [APP-52] * Fixed web page feedback device selection matching active device.
  • [APP-58] + If buy wizard lis launched, the user gets a warning if no devices have been found.
  • [APP-60] + Added Bluetooth and Human Interface Devices information to feedback.
  • [SETUP-3] + Added license tool for Magic Mouse so there is no need to download it.

Mouse application

  • [APP-62] * Mouse user interface gets disabled if Magic Mouse 2 is connected to USB for recharging. Battery indicator stays active.