This is a major update with new features and important fixes.

Note: This update has caused erratic scrolling with some users when updating from a previous version.
Please perform Settings > Default settings to fix this. We apologize for any inconvenience!


  • [APP-111] + Better user interface layout on HiDpi screens.
  • [APP-112] * Fixed Settings not always pushed to the driver.
  • [DRV-80] * Restructured internal settings.

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

  • [DRV-82] * Fixed fn=ins / eject=fn mode not working (broken in

Mouse and Trackpad

  • [DRV-46], [DRV-61] * Fixed smooth scrolling issues.
  • [APP-104] + Added new toggle mode for up / down swipes which always works.
    The previous cycle mode doesn't work if the desktop has the input focus.


  • [DRV-22] + Added Silent clicking and adjustable click pressure, similar to macOS.

This is a minor update with a few bug-fixes we missed in version and


  • [APP-108] * Fixed update check on startup not working when app started minimized.
  • [APP-109] + Added device info and license info to log file.

This is a normal update with a few bug-fixes we missed in version


  • [APP-107] * Stop internal application timers on sleep or power off.
  • [DRV-76] * Internal driver adjustment for all USB connections.

Mouse + Trackpad: Drivers

  • [DRV-46], [DRV-61] * Another adjustment for Smooth scrolling initialization. Works out of the box.
    Update: Due to a mistake, the fix is not in this release, but it will be soon in version,
    until then there might still be (smooth) scrolling issues in some cases! 

Mouse: Driver and application

  • [DRV-77] * Fixed battery info if left-handed mode is active and power cycled mouse and/or Bluetooth adapter.

This is a major update with new features and many fixes.


  • [DRV-74] * Fixed Driver error - Code 39 when "Windows Device Guard > Core Isolation > Memory Integrity" was turned on.
    We assume this also solves Driver error - Code 37, but can't verify this as we still couldn't reproduce it.
  • [APP-106] + Added Core Isolation > Memory Integrity to feedback diagnostic infos.
  • [APP-22] + New settings storage schema in .ini files. Instead of a binary array, all device and driver settings are now stored with their full names. New features can now be added much easier. Existing settings are migrated, but there might be cases where this isn't possible and a dialog is shown.

Keyboard: Driver and application

  • [APP-66] + Added support for Brightness keys F1 + F2. Works on Windows 8 + 10, internal displays only an the display driver must support this feature. In other words: It does not work on Windows 7 or external monitors.
  • [APP-12] + Added auto repeat to all media function keys (F1, F2, F7, F9, F10, F11, F12) when holding down the key.
  • [APP-48] + Added more F Key functions. Not all functions are supported with every playback software. Windows Media Play doesn't support fast rewind.
    • F3 = Task view / Timeline
    • F4 = Cycle through running applications
    • Shift+F7 = Fast rewind
    • Shift+F8 = Stop
    • Shift+F9 = Fast forward
  • [APP-48] * Fixed Media keys , , not working if the Magic Keyboard Utilities was not active / focused.
  • [DRV-75] * Fixed battery display not updating for all Magic Keyboards on Bluetooth connections after power cycling.

Mouse + Trackpad: Drivers and applications

  • [DRV-46], [DRV-61] * Fixed Smooth scrolling initialization for good.
    No additional action required, no more warning popups. Smooth scrolling should always work even after Bluetooth pairing.
  • [Drv-72] + Added customizable maximum scrolling offset. Some applications don't like large scrolling steps and the scrollbar starts bouncing. If you are affected, in "Settings > Advanced settings" set ScrollHoriLimit and ScrollVertiLimit to 2047 or lower.

Mouse: Drivers and application

  • [DRV-53] * Fixed random actions / popup menus on mouse move for some Magic Mouse 1 models.
  • [DRV-64] * Fixed Left handed mode not restored after wake up or power cycling the mouse.

Trackpad: Drivers and application

  • [DRV-52] + Added 2 finger dragging. User can now click (anywhere) and hold with one finger (thumb) and drag / select with another finger (index finger).
  • [DRV-38] * Removed mouse pointer micro jitter after moving to the target position when selecting or dragging. You can disable this in "Settings > Advanced settings" by setting MinMoveFreezeTime to 0.

This is a minor maintenance update.


    [SETUP-6] + Added noicons command line switch to prevent creating application icons.


  • [APP-95] * Fixed License container name field not correctly displayed when containing unicode characters.
  • [APP-99] * Fixed UTF8-BOM characters when importing a license text file saved on a Mac.
  • [APP-100] + Let the user know, a license#.reg license file is valid for version 1 and 2 only.
  • [APP-101] * Fixed internal trial version not working.

Keyboard driver

  • [DRV-65] * Fixed Caps Lock on Bluetooth connection sometimes not working.

This is a minor update. It fixes only a setup installer issue.


  • [SETUP-7] * Fixed blocking driver installation error, if previous driver installation was corrupt.

This is a major update. It fixes a Magic Mouse update issue from version We apologize for any inconvenience!


  • [APP-90] * Fixed infinity IOCTL application driver loop if wrong driver version was installed. This could cause large log files.
  • [APP-91] * Application did not always terminate if a critical driver error occurred.

Mouse application

  • [APP-91] * Fixed corrupted Magic Mouse touch settings after updating from 3.0.3.x to version A fresh installation was not affected.

Note: This update caused random Magic Mouse actions only when updated from 3.0.3.x
The user must perform Settings / Default settings to fix this. We apologize for any inconvenience!

This is a major update. It adds left-handed mode for the Magic Mouse and a simplified buying process.


  • [APP-63] * Shorter serial numbers for all 2nd generation devices to make license handling easier.
  • [APP-88] + Added: Click on HTML links open in web browser in update dialog.

Mouse driver and application

  • [DRV-42] + Added true left-handed mode for Magic Mouse: Swaps the left/right click sides but keeps using the same click gestures.

Mouse and Trackpad applications

  • [APP-86] * Fixed Smooth scrolling disabled itself when power-cycling the Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 while connected with the USB cable. It also happened when changing from a Bluetooth to a USB connection.

This is a major update.

Tested with the latest Windows 10 Insider preview version of upcoming "Red Stone 5" release in October 2018.

Fixes Smooth scrolling for Mouse and Trackpads, and many other improvements.


  • [APP-72] + Skip Buy now wizard if less than 4 devices and no previous licenses found.
  • [APP-74] + Add all native license details to license info display.
  • [APP-75] + Add local date and time to system info and log files.
  • [APP-79] + Show "Connect your device with BTH or USB" hint with help click if no device found.
  • [APP-82] + Click on license status label opens License details dialog.
  • [APP-83] * Improved "Buy now wizard" with better messages and more help.
  • [SETUP-5] + Added Windows 7 prerequisites check for Service Pack 1 and security update KB3033929.

Mouse and Trackpad drivers

  • [DRV-61] * Fixed Smooth scrolling randomly not working on Bluetooth connections.

This is a normal update.

Just some fixes we missed in version


  • [APP-67] * Fixed expiry reminder still showing in some cases where it shouldn't.
  • [APP-71] + More user friendly expiry popup displaying what's actually expiring. Added own settings for trial and license reminders.
  • [APP] * Fixed some expiry dates showing a date of 1899. Fixed typos in main menu and privacy statement.

Mouse driver

  • [APP-42] * Fixed LeftRightButtonSplit couldn't be changed, only the default values was used.