This is a minor maintenance release for the Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad.

Trackpad + Keyboard

  • [APP-403] + Made 4 finger tap configurable for various Windows 10+11 actions.
  • [APP-402] + Added option Settings > NumLock on app start to turn on NumLock automatically on application start. Fixed NumLock off warning for the new 2021 keyboards.

This is a general maintenance release.

All applications

  • [APP-398] * Fixed rare deIoCtl_InputBufferSizeMismatch error on computer wakeup or restart.
  • [APP-376] * Live touches: Clear touches on device suspend.

This is a maintenance release for Windows 11.

All applications + service

  • [APP-399] * Magic Utilities Service did not automatically start on Windows 11 after setup and computer restart.
  • [APP-397] * Fixed application restart didn't work on Windows 11 when performing Settings > Default settings.


  • [APP-401] + Added additional detection of incompatible software on Apple Mac computers.

This is a maintenance release for the Live touches feature.

Mouse + Trackpad

  • [APP-376] * Live touches: Decreased CPU load, removed accidental logging, optimized device setting calls and better clearing of visual touches.

The above changes should prevent the aeDecryptOutBufferFailed warning which some users have reported. If you still get this waring, please contact us.

This release handles a rare error messages and advanced menu settings in a better way.

All applications

  • [APP-394] * Removed Driver > Advanced driver settings and added View > Advanced config settings which is now the global switch for any advanced setting. These menu items are now hidden by default:
    • Settings  > Advanced touch settings
    • Settings  > Settings storage
  • [APP-394] * Fixed Bluetooth devices got automatically suspended even suspension was turned off.
  • [APP-390] + Added advanced options to Settings menu for computers with high CPU load, more details here:
    • Application process priority
    • Device I/O thread priority
  • [APP-389] * Updated the Magic Trackpad default icons and device image to match the new model with rounder corners.
  • [APP-384] * The rare error aeDecryptOutBufferFailed doesn't terminate the app any more and can be ignored for the current session.
  • [APP-346] * Improved the application launch time.

This release is a minor update and only fixes a rare exception on auto restart of the device driver on wakeup.

All applications

  • [APP-374] * Fixed exceptions caused by an invalid program path during auto device restart on wakeup.

This release brings full support for the 3 new Magic Keyboards, adds Live touches to the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad and adds visual Touch settings to the Magic Mouse.


  • [DRV-200] + Added full support for all 3 new Magic Keyboards with (and without) Touch ID.
  • [DRV-204] + Made the  Eject/ Lock/Touch ID keys of the small keyboards configurable as del(ete) key or Windows Lock.
  • [DRV-203] + The Eject/Touch ID keys of the large keyboards act now as Windows Lock if not used as fn key.
  • [APP-383] + Updated visual keyboard layouts to match the new Magic Keyboards.


  • [APP-376] + Added Live touches visualization on mouse surface.
  • [APP-374] + Added Touch settings dialog to visually adjust some of the "Advanced touch settings" like "Ignore areas" and "Button split". Click here for more details.


  • [APP-387] + Added visual support for the "new" Magic Trackpad with rounder corners.
    Technically this new Magic Trackpad is the very same as the previous Magic Trackpad 2.
  • [APP-384] + Added Help menu item to the "Bottom button area" popup menus. Click here for the help.
  • [APP-377] + Added additional detection of incompatible software.
  • [APP-376] + Added Live touches visualization on trackpad surface. This is useful to adjust the "Bottom button area" to your touch habits.

All applications

  • [APP-386] * Reset of license expiry reminder after after license registration.
  • [APP-385] * Fixed app crashes if some Windows Registry values did not exist.
  • [APP-378] * Fixed driver reinstall wait dialog was not shown on inactive Bluetooth devices.
  • [APP-382] * Fixed driver reinstall wait dialog was sometimes not auto hiding even all Bluetooth devices already re-connected.
  • [APP-380] + In case an active Bluetooth devices is being removed and pairing mode was not selected, the device will be suspended.
  • [APP-379] * Fixed wrong device being removed in case multiple devices were present and the command was selected from the right click menu on the devices tab.
  • [APP-373] * Fixed flooding of the log file entries in case the driver was already in releasing state.

This release brings better Japanese keyboard support and fixes a trackpad bug from the previous version.


  • [DRV-027] + Added configurable Japanese language input keys on Japanese keyboards. Simply click on the left or right keys next to the space bar to configure their function. More details here.
  • [APP-370] + Added installation and activation hints on how to setup the Japanese Microsoft IME (in version b)..
  • [DRV-194] * Changed scan code for menu key to be more HID compliant.
  • [DRV-195] + Added Win+PrintScr and Alt+Win+PrintScr shortcuts to small keyboards. More details here.


  • [DRV-196] * Fixed Ignore click not properly working in some cases. Double click to tap gets now disabled if Tap to primary click is disabled.

All applications

  • Many small tweaks to improve the user experience.

This release fixes a Drag lock bug from the previous version.


  • [DRV-191] * Fixed Drag lock = Off didn't work on Bluetooth connections.

This release focuses on the new Drag lock feature and modes for the Magic Trackpad. Other refinements for the Magic Trackpad have also been added.


  • [DRV-013] + Added Drag lock with various modes for both 1 finger double tap + hold dragging as well as 3 finger dragging. Click here for more details.
  • [DRV-149] * Double tap to drag: Improved false/positives by filtering various touch and tap properties.
  • [DRV-150] + Added config option for a 2 finger Ignore click: Either Fully ignore the click or perform a 1 finger click instead. Turn on Ignore click to get the config dialog.
  • [DRV-179] + Added new option to 3 finger dragging: Primary + secondary click presses both mouse button together while dragging with 3 fingers.
  • [DRV-190] * Improved false/positives for 3 finger dragging.