On computers with high CPU load the Magic Utilities application might rarely not get enough processing power to handle the driver input stream.

If this happens the application driver communication might stall and an error is reported. To avoid this in the future try to increase the priority of the application process and the device I/O thread.

Make sure you have enabled  View > Advanced config options to show these options in the menu.

Application process priority

Usually the "Magic Utilities" application doesn't do much. Only when initiating an action which isn't handled by the kernel driver it needs some CPU power for a very short time.

From the menu select Settings > Application process priority >

  • High
  • Above normal (default)
  • Normal

A settings change does the same as changing the priority in the Windows Task Manager > Details tab.  

Device I/O thread priority

Each active Magic Mouse has its own thread to process data from and to the device driver independently from the app. This thread doesn't need much CPU power but it must respond quickly so it stays in sync with the driver. If this thread is paused for too long, an error might occur.

From the menu select Settings > Device I/O thread priority >

  • Realtime
  • High (default)
  • Above normal
  • Normal

Note: Even when selected, in reality the I/O thread priority is never lower than the application priority.

Application Error: aeDecryptOutBufferFailed

If you get this error dialog more than once in a while:

  • Set the Application process priority to High.
  • Set the Device I/O thread priority to Realtime.
  • Turn off Live touches.

You may simply Ignore this error or choose Ignore for session to skip any new error messages as long as the application runs.

To be on the safe side select Restart app to restart the application.

If the error still occurs  contact us from the error dialog.