Mouse specific FAQs

  • Known issues
  • Roadmap

    This is a collection of possible features which may be added in the future
    (be aware that this is no guarantee a feature will be added).

    User interface

    • Momentum / inertia scrolling.
    • User defined battery warnings.
    • Battery indicator in System Tray.
    • User defined update checks..


    • Support of more gestures (including tap to click)
    • (Smooth) zoom gesture.
    • Better gesture detection.
    • More accidental touch filtering.


    • Preset of common actions like: Copy, Paste, Sleep, ...
    • User defined actions like "Opens this app".
    • User defined gesture (i.e. 3 finger tap) mapping to perform these actions.

Touch device FAQs

  • Is there a pinch zoom gesture?

    No, we currently do not support the pinch zoom gesture:

    Hold the Ctrl key and scroll vertically to zoom on Windows,
    (note this is not a smooth zoom, it steps by 10%).

    While Windows touchscreens do support smooth pinch zoom, it's not available via the mouse interfaces.

    We are still evaluating the best way on how to initiate a real Windows zoom gesture.

License related FAQs

  • Is version 3 a free update?

    No, version 3 of the Magic Utilities is an entirely new version. It is a paid upgrade. A current license of version 1 or 2 won't work with the version 3, but existing customers will get up to 50% discount when upgrading.

    For a two year license, the payment of the version 2 license plus the upgrade fee is about the same amount as buying a new version 3 license, so even you pay again, we don't charge extra for a version 3 license.

    Version 3 has a new trial period. Everybody can try it, even with the old versions or BootCamp installed!

  • How do I upgrade?
    • Connect all your Magic devices with USB cable or Bluetooth with your computer.
    • Install and run all related Magic Utilities version 3 for your devices.
    • Make sure all your version 1 and 2 licenses are activated on the computer where version 3 is running,
      There is no need to install the version 1 and 2 applications.
    • In one Magic Utility click the Buy now button to start the wizard.
      Your existing licenses will be detected and your upgrade discounts will be applied on the payment website.

    We are here to help. If you face any problems contact us.

  • How does the trial version work?

    We offer a 28 day trial period to test the Magic Utilities.

    There is only one general trial period for all software components (keyboard, mouse, and trackpad). This means:

    • When the trial period starts, it automatically begins for all Magic Utilities, installed or not.

    I tried the Magic Utilities already how can I try my new Magic device?

    If you don't have a license, contact us for a trial extension.

    I already have a license, how can I try my new Magic device?

    You need to contact us. We'll send you an updated license which includes a new trial period.

  • How does a license work?

    A license is locked to the provided device serial numbers and is valid for the selected period (1 or 2 years), this means:

    • A license is only valid for these devices. You can't use other keyboards, mice or trackpads.
    • A license is portable. It can be used on any Windows computer as long as you use the same devices.
    • If a license expires all features provided by version 3 stop working until you renew your license.
    • If you are upgrading from any previous license (version 1 or 2), these licenses remain valid. 
      Keep in mind that you can upgrade only once per previous license.

    What happens if my device has been replaced because of a repair?

    You need to contact us. We will update your current license with the new device serial numbers. The expiry date will not change.

    I already have a license, how can I try my new Magic device?

    You need to contact us. We'll send you an updated license which includes a new trial period.

  • Is a license a subscription?

    No, if you pay for a  license you do not have a subscription.
    Even a license expires eventually after one or two years, it does not renew automatically.

    If you liked the Magic Utilities, you buy another license.
    If you don't use it anymore, you do not pay any accidental fees a year or two later.

    The Magic Utilities will give you a license expiry reminder,
    so you don't need to "manage" anything other then renewing your license. 

  • Will my Windows Boot configuration get changed?

    No. The Magic Utilities do not change your Windows boot configuration. Our Windows drivers are properly signed and load on any supported Windows Desktop. In addition Windows 10 drivers are cross-signed by Microsoft and work together with UEFI SecureBoot enabled.

  • What happens to the previous Magic Utilities releases?

    We will stop development on all Magic Utilities below version 3.

    • All previous versions and any licenses will continue to work.
    • Previous license holders can still download the legacy installers, but there is no trial version, so you have to have a valid old license to run the installed application.
    • Help for these versions is available on the previous website .

    If you are upgrading from any previous license (version 1 or 2), these licenses remain valid, but you can upgrade only once.

    We encourage everybody to upgrade to the new version. It has by far more features and is under active development.

General FAQs

  • Where are the social media links?

    We don't use social media like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to protect your and our privacy.

    Our privacy policy is available on the contact page.

    You can follow us on this website or by using auto-update in the Magic Utilities application.

  • Where is the Installation directory located?

    All Magic Utilities automatically install to location defined in the "ProgramFiles(x86)" environment variable.
    On English language systems this usually is:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\MagicUtilities\" on Windows 64bit.

    "C:\Program Files\MagicUtilities\" on Windows 32bit.

    Starting the application from a directory outside of the "Program Files" directory would limit the functionality in some cases. This has a very technical reason and is enforced by Microsoft.

    That's why the installer doesn't offer to choose the installation directory.

  • Where are the configuration files?

    Beside the installation directory, the Magic Utilities use two additional folders to store data.

    Global settings

    "C:\ProgramData\MagicUtilities\" or %commonappdata%\MagicUtilities

    In this location the Magic Utilities stores user independent, application-wide data like license related files. Please do not modify any files in this directory as long as the Magic Utilities are installed and in use.

    This folder and some of its content will not be deleted when an uninstall is performed. However, you can delete this folder manually if you don't like to use the Magic Utilities anymore.

    Per user settings

    "C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\MagicUtilities\" or %localappdata%\MagicUtilities

    Here the users application settings are stored.

    In addition, a log file is created every time you start a Magic Utility. Old log files can be deleted manually.

    This folder and its content will be deleted when an uninstall is performed

  • Why shall I use a private email address?

    If you buy a license or contacting us, it's really easier for both sides to use a private email address like GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, @me ...

    Company mail servers and firewalls have very strict filtering systems for SPAM and Malware. They block any suspicious email without notifying the sender. That's why we send two emails, one notification email and one which contains the license.

    But it still happens often that someone buys a license from a company email account but never gets any of our emails. They start complaining, we answer, but they don't get our answer... This all takes time (and work) and can be frustrating for both sides.

  • What's the difference between the Windows 7+8 and Windows 10 version?

    Both versions share the very same Magic device driver and user application, so there is no difference. The only technical difference is the driver signing.

    We sign all files, including the drivers, with our EV Code Signing Certificate.

    Besides all Windows 10 drivers are cross-signed by Microsoft; otherwise, our drivers would not load on systems where UEFI Secure Boot is enabled.

    Unfortunately, Windows 7+8 cannot verify these new signatures from Microsoft. Hence we offer two versions.

  • Windows 7 installation prerequisites

    When installing on Windows 7, you need to confirm (once) the driver installation when the popup below shows up.

    Windows 7 driver confirmation dialog

    Windows 7 installation prerequisites

    Windows 7 Service Pack 1 must be installed:

    • Open the Service Pack 1:web-page.
    • Select your language and press Download.
    • On the next page scroll down and check:
      > windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe for Windows 7 32bit
      > windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe for Windows 7 64bit
    • Press Next to start the download.

    Windows Security Update KB3033929.must be installed:

1st generation devices

  • Rechargeable AA batteries don't show 100% when fully charged?

    Brand new alkaline batteries have a voltage of about 1.5 Volts, but rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage (about 1.3 Volts) when fully charged.

    The first generation Apple input devices don't know what kind of batteries you use, so they show only about 92% when you use fully charged rechargeable batteries.