These settings are not shared between keyboard, mouse and trackpad applications.

Load at startup

If checked the application is automatically loaded when the user logs in.

Start minimized

If checked the application window is not shown when launched. To show the window, click on the icon in the system tray.

Works well together with Load at startup.

Check for update on startup

If checked an automatic Direct update check is performed on application start. If a new version is available the release notes are shown.

Note: This may not work in company networks with proxy servers. In this case, do a manual update check with Help / Web update check... .

An update check can also be performed any time via the Help menu.

If this option is enabled, an update check is also performed every two days while the application is running.

Advanced settings

Shows the internal touch engine settings. This is for internal use only, so do not go wild here. If things go wrong, reset with Default settings.

Default settings

Resets any settings to their defaults. This includes all reminder settings and all Don't show again dialog settings.