This is maintenance release which adds some new features and works around Windows 10 - 2004 Bluetooth issues.

Licensed and trial versionWindows supportVersionStatusRelease date
MagicUtilities-Setup- Windows 10.0 Normal update 8 July 2020
MagicUtilities-Setup- Windows 7+8 Normal update 8 July 2020

All applications

  • [APP-298] + Added Update channels: Stable, Beta and Development. You can switch the update channel in menu with Help > Updates.
  • [APP-297] + Fixed issues with some modal dialogs in case there was an expired license.
  • [APP-295] * Fixed Windows 10 - 2004 Bluetooth adapter power saving bug. On some Apple MacBooks (and possible other computers) any Bluetooth device just freezes after a short break. In Driver > Bluetooth driver settings there is a new option Keep Bluetooth connection alive which works around this Windows bug.
  • [APP-292] * Fixed display of "Device fully charged" notification even it was turned off.
  • [APP-289] + Added Full factory reset option for Bluetooth devices. This configures your device as it is new: Removes any Bluetooth pairing information and resets the device Bluetooth name.
  • [DRV-014] + Enhanced Rename device for Bluetooth connections. The new name is now stored permanently inside the device and is visible in all Windows device settings.


  • [DRV-122] + Added detection if mouse is at a surface or lifted. If lifted there is a new option to ignore all mouse input. This way you can locate your Magic Mouse somewhere else without accidental clicks, scrolling or swipes.


  • [APP-293] + Added check if Windows primary and secondary mouse buttons are swapped.