This release handles a rare error messages and advanced menu settings in a better way.

All applications

  • [APP-394] * Removed Driver > Advanced driver settings and added View > Advanced config settings which is now the global switch for any advanced setting. These menu items are now hidden by default:
    • Settings  > Advanced touch settings
    • Settings  > Settings storage
  • [APP-394] * Fixed Bluetooth devices got automatically suspended even suspension was turned off.
  • [APP-390] + Added advanced options to Settings menu for computers with high CPU load, more details here:
    • Application process priority
    • Device I/O thread priority
  • [APP-389] * Updated the Magic Trackpad default icons and device image to match the new model with rounder corners.
  • [APP-384] * The rare error aeDecryptOutBufferFailed doesn't terminate the app any more and can be ignored for the current session.
  • [APP-346] * Improved the application launch time.