This is a major release. It fixes some issues, adds new features and config options.

Quick summary: Important changes since version

  • Added scroll and swipe sensitivity sliders for the mouse and trackpad apps. By lowering the sensitivity you can prevent accidental scrolling or swiping.
  • New options to customize the battery alerts, help is here.
  • The Magic Trackpad can now be used in rotated orientations of 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Here is an use case.
  • Swiss German and Finish keyboard layouts have been added.
  • A new settings storage location in the Windows Registry. We've added this for more reliable store access. The previous INI file storage had issues on some computers, especially in enterprise environments. The storage location can be switched via Settings > Settings storage. Help is here.
  • Added option Drivers > Reinstall drivers on wake up. This might help if a device doesn't reconnect after a computer wake up from sleep.
    Since version When reinstalling the driver, the current driver gets uninstalled first.
  • Added clear key option for "Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad" and a warning if NumLock is turn off.

All applications

  • [APP-093] + Added option for controlled Exit or Restart of all apps within an app.
  • [APP-150] + Added verification of service executable.
  • [APP-183] + Added additional settings storage for Windows Registry. Help is here.
  • [APP-217] + Added "Bluetooth adapter power saving" state to feedback info.
  • [APP-210] &
    [APP-221] + Added options when and whether battery alerts popup dialogs should be shown. Help is here.
  • [APP-223] + Added option to toggle the Auto update desktop shortcut in the Windows menu.
  • [APP-225] + Added scroll and swipe sensitivity sliders for all mouse and trackpad scroll and swipes.
  • [APP-227] + Added name and state of installed anti-virus scanner(s) to feedback info.
  • [APP-230] + Added help button for horizontal scrolling.
  • [APP-233] + Added uninstall of current device driver before (re)installing the device driver again.
  • [APP-144] * Updated OpenSSL binaries, Indy and BGRABitmap packages.
  • [APP-203] * Fixed battery alerts reoccurring on "Don't remind me" set.
  • [APP-206] * Fixed app crash on license import if global folder was not writable by the user.
  • [APP-207] * Check if the global folder is writable on application start. Show a warning dialog if there is no write access.
  • [APP-214] * Pre-populate more contact form fields in: Send feedback > Web form.
  • [APP-215] * Fixed "Bluetooth adapter power saving" detection for some MacBook Pro models.
  • [APP-218] * Fixed Bluetooth device restart popup did not always waiting for full device reconnection.
  • [APP-224] * Fixed Restart/Reinstall popup showing even service was not running.
  • [APP-224] * Fixed Restart popup not disappearing if a driver reinstall had been performed before.
  • [APP-226] * Ensure the correct tab is activated when opening any Windows "Mouse Properties".
  • [APP-228] * Fixed app crash on startup if main storage provider setting was not set.
  • [APP-235] * Fixed binary license export, import and delete not working (version
  • [APP-224] * Fixed Reinstall popup not disappearing in some cases (version
  • [APP-238] * Fixed battery recharged warning shown on fully charged (version


  • [DRV-130] + Added option to disable the sleep shortcut (fn + space) in the modifiers popup menu.
  • [DRV-222] + Added missing Finnish keyboard layout for small keyboards to the keyboard layout selector.
  • [APP-234] + Added clear key option for "Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad" and a warning if NumLock is turn off.
  • [APP-205] * Fixed settings not getting updated in the keyboard modifiers popup menu.
  • [APP-236] * Fixed modifier mappings only party restored in some cases (version
  • [DRV-142] * Fixed ISO layout characters not swapped when other key(s) were still pressed (version

Mouse + Trackpad

  • [APP-205] + Added check if the Windows mouse pointer option: Enhance pointer precision is enabled at application startup and to the Windows menu.
  • [DRV-025] + Added options to flip and swap the trackpads X/Y axis. This way you can rotate your trackpad orthogonally by 90, 180 and 270 degrees. The new options are available from Settings > Advanced settings. Here is an use case.
  • [APP-211] * Fixed disabled "Restart device driver" power button in user interface.
  • [DRV-131] * Fixed Magic Mouse left handed mode not restored on computer wake up.


  • [APP-150] + Added verification for all service dependent executables.
  • [APP-199] * Fixed missing resource strings in Magic Utilities Service executable. Start and stop of the service have now readable events in the Windows Event-Log
  • [APP-208] * Fixed missing code singing of the Magic Utilities Service executable.


  • [SETUP-17] + Prevent installing the Magic Utilities on computers with ARM processor, for now the Magic Utilities do support only x86 and x64 processors.
  • [SETUP-18] + Prevent downgrade installation: Installing the Magic Utilities if the previous installed version is higher. For a downgrade a full uninstall has to be performed.