This is a normal maintenance release. It fixes some regression issues and adds a fully functional Remove device action.

Licensed and trial versionWindows supportVersionStatusRelease date
MagicUtilities-Setup- Windows 10.0 Normal update 1 May 2020
MagicUtilities-Setup- Windows 7+8 Normal update 1 May 2020

All applications

  • [APP-279] + Remove device is now fully functional from the Magic Utilities.
  • [APP-276] + Added Restart / Reinstall device driver commands to the system tray right-click menu.
  • [APP-275] + Added detection of a running "Alienware Command Center" and show a related web help page.
  • [APP-273] * Fixed incomplete dialog text when submitting a feedback report.

Mouse + Trackpad

  • [APP-278] * Fixed scrolling sensitivity slider which was not really working as expected.


  • [SETUP-25] * The Magic Utilities Service is now installed started, stopped and uninstalled by native API calls.
  • [SETUP-24] * Fixed new version of MagicUtilities_Console.exe not installed when updating. As a result the Magic Utilities Service did not start.
  • [APP-275] + Added detection of a running "Alienware Command Center" with an option to stop and disable it before installing the Magic Utilities.