This is a new features release for the Magic Trackpad Utilities. It adds the long anticipated configurable bottom click areas.

Licensed and trial versionWindows supportVersionStatusRelease date
MagicUtilities-Setup- Windows 10.0 Feature update 21 May 2020
MagicUtilities-Setup- Windows 7+8 Feature update 21 May 2020


  • [DRV-31] + Added up to 3 configurable click areas to the bottom of the trackpad. Click the 1, 2 or 3 button for the number of areas, then click in the area to configure the area function.
  • [DRV-73] + Any accidental finger movement in these click areas will be ignored, so your thumb can have a rest.
  • [APP-284] + The Magic Trackpad images are now dynamically rendered at runtime from vector graphics.
  • [APP-286] + Added a Move pointer offset slider to "Mouse Options". You can adjust the sensitivity on how quick the mouse pointer starts moving.


  • [APP-287] * Fixed F16-F19 action description where Windows language settings are Unicode based, like Russian or Japanese.