This is a major maintenance and new features release for the all Magic Utilities apps.
It's based on former version BETA but with additional fixes and features.

All applications

  • [APP-432] * Disabled License > Disable license menu item if there is nothing to disable.
  • [APP-438] * Fixed device I/O thread not freed on application exit. Added new setting to Driver > Driver handler settings.
  • [APP-437] * Fixed Driver > Driver handler settings > Wait for I/O thread to end menu item not updated.
  • [APP-435] - Removed Battery saver suggestion on application start up.
  • [APP-428] * Fixed driver protocol mismatch errors not shown in apps.
  • [APP-419] * Do not show an aeDecryptOutBufferFailed warning to the user anymore. This error was sometimes presented after computer wake up from sleep.
  • [DRV-217] + Improved security on installed Magic Utilities drivers.
  • [WEB-044] + Added AliPay payment method for Chinese customers.


  • [APP-433] + Added new macOS modifier preset (and renamed "Apple" preset to "Magic Keyboard").
  • [APP-429] * Added help on how to configure the 106/109 key hardware layout in Japanese Microsoft IME so special characters with shift work properly, more help here.

Mouse + Trackpad

  • [DRV-220] * Fixed wrong (too sensitive) back/forward swipes (1 finger for mouse, 2 fingers for trackpad).
  • [DRV-219] * Fixed scroll bouncing when resting the fingers while in scroll mode.
  • [APP-427] * Fixed multi-touch not working in some cases after computer wake up.
  • [APP-430] + Added warning if Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II is installed on a laptop. The laptops internal touchpad might not work properly if both software are installed.
  • [APP-425] * Improved incompatible Gigabyte AORUS Engine software detection and instructions.


  • [APP-439] * Fixed Touch settings config dialog crashed on hidpi screens.
  • [DRV-210] + Added new option No scrolling on mouse movement. If enabled this disables scrolling while the mouse is moved to avoid accidental scrolling.
  • [DRV-136] + Added new selector Fingers: Scroll with 1 / 2 / 1 or 2 fingers, default is "Scroll with 1 or 2 fingers".


  • [DRV-218] * Fixed multi-touch not working on USB connections with USB hub which is stressed or has errors, more details here.
  • [APP-426] + Added Open start menu to 4 finger tap options.