This is mainly a maintenance release for Windows 11.

All applications

  • [APP-375] * Fixed silent app crashes on Windows 11 reported by a few users. If you still get silent app crashes, please contact us.
  • [APP-415] * Slightly smaller icons on high DPI displays.
  • [APP-412] * Fixed menu item: Settings > Settings storage > Storage in INI files was not selected.
  • [APP-410] + Added new option Driver > Driver handler settings > Wait for I/O thread to terminate to let the device I/O thread terminate independently of the application thread to prevent high CPU usage on computer wakeup in rare cases. Default is now off. This was always on before this release.
  • [APP-413] * Updated application development tools.
  • [APP-409] + Added order number and filename to license import dialogs.
  • [APP-336] + Added more user help in case a license expires too early.


  • [APP-411] + Added support to launch Microsoft Store apps on F16 - F19 via .lnk files.


  • [DRV-211] * Fixed unintended middle click when clicking with 3 fingers.