This release brings full support for the 3 new Magic Keyboards, adds Live touches to the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad and adds visual Touch settings to the Magic Mouse.


  • [DRV-200] + Added full support for all 3 new Magic Keyboards with (and without) Touch ID.
  • [DRV-204] + Made the  Eject/ Lock/Touch ID keys of the small keyboards configurable as del(ete) key or Windows Lock.
  • [DRV-203] + The Eject/Touch ID keys of the large keyboards act now as Windows Lock if not used as fn key.
  • [APP-383] + Updated visual keyboard layouts to match the new Magic Keyboards.


  • [APP-376] + Added Live touches visualization on mouse surface.
  • [APP-374] + Added Touch settings dialog to visually adjust some of the "Advanced touch settings" like "Ignore areas" and "Button split". Click here for more details.


  • [APP-387] + Added visual support for the "new" Magic Trackpad with rounder corners.
    Technically this new Magic Trackpad is the very same as the previous Magic Trackpad 2.
  • [APP-384] + Added Help menu item to the "Bottom button area" popup menus. Click here for the help.
  • [APP-377] + Added additional detection of incompatible software.
  • [APP-376] + Added Live touches visualization on trackpad surface. This is useful to adjust the "Bottom button area" to your touch habits.

All applications

  • [APP-386] * Reset of license expiry reminder after after license registration.
  • [APP-385] * Fixed app crashes if some Windows Registry values did not exist.
  • [APP-378] * Fixed driver reinstall wait dialog was not shown on inactive Bluetooth devices.
  • [APP-382] * Fixed driver reinstall wait dialog was sometimes not auto hiding even all Bluetooth devices already re-connected.
  • [APP-380] + In case an active Bluetooth devices is being removed and pairing mode was not selected, the device will be suspended.
  • [APP-379] * Fixed wrong device being removed in case multiple devices were present and the command was selected from the right click menu on the devices tab.
  • [APP-373] * Fixed flooding of the log file entries in case the driver was already in releasing state.