This release focuses on the new Drag lock feature and modes for the Magic Trackpad. Other refinements for the Magic Trackpad have also been added.


  • [DRV-013] + Added Drag lock with various modes for both 1 finger double tap + hold dragging as well as 3 finger dragging. Click here for more details.
  • [DRV-149] * Double tap to drag: Improved false/positives by filtering various touch and tap properties.
  • [DRV-150] + Added config option for a 2 finger Ignore click: Either Fully ignore the click or perform a 1 finger click instead. Turn on Ignore click to get the config dialog.
  • [DRV-179] + Added new option to 3 finger dragging: Primary + secondary click presses both mouse button together while dragging with 3 fingers.
  • [DRV-190] * Improved false/positives for 3 finger dragging.