This release focuses on the Double tap to drag gesture for the Magic Trackpad.

All applications

  • [DRV-188] * Fixed rare Windows BSOD crash with USB connected devices. The crash happened only when you plug-in the device and removed immediately within milliseconds.


  • [APP-362] * Show warning on key press of F16-F19 if a mapped application could not be found.


  • [DRV-149] + Added 1 finger Double tap to drag gesture. Double tap + hold + move to multi-select or drag an item.
  • [APP-364] + Added Ignore touches option to the bottom buttons config menu. This new option ignores any touches and standalone clicks. Note: A primary (left) click is performed in case you click on such a button while you move the mouse pointer.
  • [APP-361] * More freedom to adjust the bottom button area height from 10%-90%.