This new release adds a Battery saver and improves false-positives with some protection tools.

All applications

  • [APP-353] + Added new power handler for better power event handling on computers with "Modern Standby".
  • [APP-356] + Added new Battery saver options to suspend a device automatically on power events or on demand by the user, more details here.
  • [APP-350] * Fixed app freeze when removing a paired Bluetooth device.
  • [APP-342] + Added hint that the Bluetooth radio might be turned off in case a device restart error occurs.
  • [APP-339] + Added detection of incompatible software "Lenovo Essential Wireless Keyboard".
  • [APP-352] - Removed Bluetooth adapter power saving option for Windows 10 2004 (20H1) or higher as the [Power Management] tab in Windows Device Manager has been removed.
  • [APP-322] * Updated licensing tool to recent version.
  • [APP-346] * Improved false-positives with some protection tools. As a result the startup time of the applications has slightly increased and by default a splash screen is shown. You can disable the splash screen in the menu via Settings > Show splash¬†screen.


  • [DRV-183] * Fixed pressing fn+control+command+delete keys together to login with Ctrl+Alt+Del on the small keyboards.
  • [DRV-180] * Fixed fn on small keyboards not working if mapped to a different modifier key and another modifier key was pressed.
  • [APP-288] * Fixed reading of active keyboard layout failed for U.S layout in some cases.
  • [APP-337] * Swedish and Finish keyboards are merged into one selection option as they look the same.
  • [APP-357] * Fixed missing F16 - F19 app mappings when INI file settings storage was active.