Unlike version which was focusing on workarounds, this major release is a complete rewrite of the Driver ↔ App communication to resolve device re-connection issues. With this new approach the app should always detect any connected devices. Any workarounds like "Reinstall device driver" should be a thing of the past.

All applications and drivers

  • [DRV-017] + Complete rewrite of Driver ↔ App communication.
    Each device instance has now its own communication channel rather than a multiplexed master channel. "Control device" has been renamed to "Driver handler" to reflect this change. All "Wake up" settings are turned off on first application start as they are not required any more.

All applications

  • [APP-332] * Fixed issue when removing a Bluetooth device which had an active USB connection at the time.
  • [APP-334] + All "Wake up" and "Driver handler" menu items are now hidden by default as they should not be required anymore, select Driver > Advanced driver settings to show the menu items again.
  • [APP-335] * Fixed app crash when a new drive (like a SD card) became available (version only).


  • [APP-331] * Fixed caps lock mapping used the right modifier instead of the left modifier.
  • [APP-333] * Fixed wrong image of the large Swedish keyboard layout.