This is a major maintenance release which works around re-connection issues.

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The gray text is outdated by version

The Driver main-menu has a new Control device settings sub-menu. The Control device is part of the device driver and is used to communicate with the application. The new menu gives access on when to open and close the Control device and how to proceed on errors. We added these implementation details to have more options available in case of issues.

  • [APP-305] * Renamed "Close driver controller on sleep" to Close on: Computer sleep.
  • [APP-305] + Added Close on: Restart device and Close on: Reinstall driver. These settings exist since version but were not exposed in the user interface.
  • [APP-325] + Added Open on: Magic device arrival only. This means the Control devices will only open when Apple devices are enumerated by Windows. Before the application tried to open the Control device also when other non Apple devices were enumerated. This should create less error logs and may prevent issues on computer wake up.
  • [APP-326] + Added automatic error handling in case the Control device can't be opened. This should workaround re-connection issues. Options are either:
    • On error: Restart last active device (default and recommended)
    • On error: Reinstall device driver
    • No selection (not recommended)
  • [APP-326] + Added Restart (last active) device driver button to user interface when no device is connected.
  • [APP-311] * Added Always update driver settings. These settings exist since version but was not exposed in the user interface. Select this option if any settings are not correctly applied.
  • [DRV-173] * Made Control device non exclusive.
  • [APP-324] * Fixed exception when a Bluetooth device was removed via the right-click menu.
  • [APP-321] * Fixed setup crash on ARM detection when running on Windows 32bit.
  • [APP-320] + Added incompatible software detection for "Gigabyte AORUS Engine" in application and setup.
  • [APP-319] + Improved security of the Windows service.
  • [APP-299, APP-322] * Updated compiler and licencing tools.


  • [APP-328] + Added Windows main menu.
  • [APP-329] * Fixed Invert small app icons and moved it to the new Windows menu.
  • [APP-330] * Fixed visual height of modifier drop-down menus.


  • [APP-317] * Fixed bottom button settings not always applied.
  • [APP-328] + Added Press and hold secondary mouse button to 3 finger dragging options.