This release fixes some driver issues and improves the user experience of the application.

Major improvements are low battery alerts, space gray color support and a permanent solution for Driver error - Code 37.

Major improvements

  • [APP-002] + Added battery alerts with customisable reminder. Alerts are shown in the Windows Action Center and as popup dialogs (to test these alerts hold down the shift, ctrl or alt key and click on the battery gauge).
  • [DRV-155] + Added battery level and state to the tray icon tooltip.
  • [APP-151] + Added option to disable Bluetooth adapter power savings with one click from the Driver menu.
  • [APP-145] + Added option to Reinstall all drivers when Windows starts with one click from the Driver menu.
    This will finally fix Driver error - Code 37.
  • [DRV-103] + Added individual options to inverse vertical and horizontal scrolling for mouse and trackpads.
  • [DRV-161] + Added customisable device name. Right click on the device image to rename the device.
  • [APP-023] + Added Space Gray color options for applicable devices.
  • [APP-172] + Added suggestion to start the application window minimized.
  • [DRV-146] * Fixed random application crashes on wake up or device restart.
  • [APP-168] * Fixed corrupt mouse and trackpad touch engine settings in rare cases.
  • [APP-143] * Prevent duplicate license purchase if a license already exists.
  • [APP-160] * Easier license renewal.
  • [APP-166] * Improved user interface handling of "Smooth scrolling" issues on Bluetooth connections. On fresh installations the smooth scrolling feature is disabled.
  • [APP-170] * Added "Don't show again" option to network error dialog when auto update check failed.
  • [APP-171] * Auto update settings are now global for all apps.
  • [DRV-118] * Fixed some settings (i.e. Magic Mouse left-handed mode) were not set on power cycling the device or computer wake up.
  • [SETUP-13] * On installation the application shortcuts are created on the "Local user desktop" instead of the "All users desktop" so users can delete the shortcuts. In the app menu select Windows > Create desktop shortcut to re-create the shortcut if required.

Other improvements for all applications

  • [DRV-016] + Added option to save the tab order for multiple devices. Right click on the tab bar to store the current order.
  • [DRV-133] + Restore the position of the application windows on application restart.
  • [DRV-156] + Added option to locate and directly edit the settings file to the Settings menu.
  • [DRV-157] + Added Restart application to the tray icon menu.
  • [DRV-153] + Validation if the correct version of the Magic Utilities service is running.
  • [DRV-152] * Most warning and confirmation dialogs are not shown simultaneously anymore, but after each other.
  • [DRV-162] * Removed CPU load when the application was idle.
  • [DRV-167] * Flicker free User interface refresh.
  • [APP-SRV] * More reliable wait dialogs while restarting a device driver.
  • [APP-UIG] * Many other little user interface tweaks and enhancements.

Mouse driver

  • [DRV-114] + Extended touch area for scrolling down to the Apple logo of the mouse surface, once scrolling has been initialized.

Keyboard application and driver

  • [APP-148] + Added Use direct F-Keys option to the tray icon menu.
  • [APP-148] + Added Sleep key. Press fn + left-control + left-option + left-command + space-bar keys together.
  • [DRV-104] * Fixed caps lock light not working on Bluetooth connection.