This is a normal update which fixes a license issues which occurred in some cases, among other cosmetic changes.

All applications

  • [APP-41] * Fixed license not working in some cases.
  • [APP-132] * Better automatic application exit when computer gets restarted or shut down.
  • [APP-133] + The position of the application window is kept when restoring app from Windows system tray.
  • [APP-134] + Added "Web news" to Help menu.
  • [APP-136] * More driver/app communication errors show an error dialog.
  • [APP-138] * Renamed "System" menu to "Windows" and moved it before the Help menu.
  • [APP-139] + Added Windows edition and Windows 10 infos to "Send feedback" diagnostics.

Mouse and trackpad applications

  • [APP-135] * "Scroll only vertical or horizontal" is enabled by default.

Setup installer

  • [SETUP-12] + Added check if "Digital Guardian Endpoint Protection" is installed on the computer and show a warning that the Magic Utilities applications might not work, due to a bug in their framework.