While we still can not reproduce the random Magic Utilities silent app crashes on Windows 11, the underlying issue seems to be related to a 3rd party tool we are using which has now been updated.

We just released version which should not crash silently on Windows 11, download is here.

However if you still experience theses crashes on Windows 11 please contact us.

Released: 2 November 2021

We got only a few more new Windows 11 app crash reports which is a good sign.

On the other hand we still can not reproduce any app crashes.

After almost a full month of Windows 11 released officially, the reported app crashes seem not to be a common issue.

Nevertheless keep in mind that it may happen and we are currently unable to provide a solution.

We have released a private debug variant of version to get more insights about these crashes. If you are affected by Windows 11 app crashes, contact us.

Released: 18 October 2021

We have a hand full reports of constant Windows 11 Magic Utilities app crashes for version and

Some users say the "Magic Utilities" apps crash every minute, other ever 10 minutes or every 30 minutes.

Currently, we do not know why this is the case nor can we reproduce this issue on our Windows 11 test computers.