Quick summary: Important changes since version

Since the last stable release we added lots a new features across all devices.

All applications

  • Fixed random silent app crashing on Windows 11.
  • Added new Battery saver options to suspend a device automatically on power events or on demand by the user, more details here.
  • Added View > Advanced config settings which is now the global switch for any advanced setting.
  • Improved false-positives with some protection tools which slightly increased the startup time of the applications. Therefore by default a splash screen is shown.


  • Added configurable Japanese input keys on Japanese keyboards, more details here.
  • Added Win+PrintScr and Alt+Win+PrintScr to small keyboards, more details here.
  • Added full support for all 3 new Magic Keyboards with (and without) Touch ID.
  • Made the  Eject/ Lock/Touch ID keys of the small keyboards configurable as del(ete) key or Windows Lock.
  • The Eject/Touch ID keys of the large keyboards act now as Windows Lock if not used as fn key.
  • Added support to launch Microsoft Store applications.
  • Added option Settings > NumLock on app start to turn on NumLock automatically on application start.


  • Added Live touches visualization on mouse surface.
  • Added Touch settings dialog to visually adjust some of the "Advanced touch settings", more details here.


  • Added 1 finger Double tap to drag gesture.
  • Added Ignore touches option to the bottom buttons config menu, more details here.
  • Added Drag lock with various modes, more details here.
  • Added config option for a 2 finger Ignore click.
  • Added new option to 3 finger dragging: Primary + secondary click.
  • Added Live touches visualization on trackpad surface.
  • Added configurable 4 finger tap for various Windows 10+11 actions..