Version 2.14

We released version 2.14 of the Magic Mouse Utilities, a FREE update for all registered users.

New features are a Battery Indicator and Natural Scrolling.

Please contact us if you have any issues with this release.


  • For Natural scrolling you need to confirm the Registry Editor popup and reboot (or toggle Bluetooth off and on) to activate any new Natural Scrolling settings.
  • For the Magic Mouse 1 the battery indicator should always work. 

  • For the Magic Mouse 2 you need to connect the mouse with your computer via the provided USB/Lightning cable. It takes about 3 minutes until the mouse is charged by 1%.

    We are very sorry but the answer to the obvious question is No.
    We can't read the Magic Mouse 2 battery state via Bluetooth.

Version 2.12 fixed an issue related to Natural scrolling.

Version 2.13 fixed an MM2 issue related a 3 minute delay of reading the battery state.

Version 2.14 targets some label drawing issues and optimises MM1 battery readout performance.