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Back home (again)

As I wrote about 2 years ago our favorite browser is Vivaldi.

While developing the next generation support for the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad (yes it's coming, sooner than later) we noticed in our high resolution scrolling tests that Vivaldi was lagging quite a bit behind Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

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Back home

For many years I was a happy user of Opera, back in the days where it really made a difference. I bought my license and was happy, fastest browser by far.

Then Opera development was stopped and I had to switch to another browser. I picked Firefox as I like the open source idea. It was OK but and did the job for many years but I was never felling really happy with the fox. Then Chrome and Safari joined the browsers market, but Chrome didn't made me happy and the bookmarks bar in Safari really sucks (why are there no favicons? Apple do you hear us?).

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Wacom Driver / Preferences and OS X

Recently I needed a real Mac with OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). I have two older graphic tablets from Wacom, a Graphire 3 (CTE-430) and a Bamboo Pen & Touch (CTH-460). I downloaded the latest drivers for each tablet, both drivers don't even install.

You really wonder why Wacom is keeping their customers unhappy. I mean El Capitan is out in the wild for a fair while.

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